Athena Health Demo

Athena Health Demo: The Power of Connected Care

Athena Health Demo

Athena Health Demo

Want to see the potential of connected care? Join us for an Athena Health Demo webinar and learn how patient data can be shared quickly and securely among providers.

Are you curious to learn how a connected healthcare system works?

Join us for an Athena Health Demo webinar and discover the potential of seamless, secure patient data sharing

that can revolutionize the way providers care for their patients.

Athena Health Demo

Overview of Connected Care with Athena Health.

During the Athena Health Demo webinar, participants will get an overview of connected care and its ability to

bring together healthcare providers, hospitals, payers, and other organizations involved in a patient’s care.

We’ll discuss the innovative ways providers can use data sharing to better understand their patients and make

more informed clinical decisions that can lead to improved outcomes.

Benefits of Real-time Patient Data Access and Sharing.

Connected care gives providers quick and secure access to a patient’s entire medical history, eliminating the need to wait for patient records to be exchanged between providers.

With connected care, healthcare teams can collaborate quicker and more accurately as they have access to complete, up-to-date patient information at all times.

The power of connected care increases even further when you introduce machine learning algorithms that can

analyze large data sets quickly and offer recommendations for better healthcare decisions.

Streamlining Coordination Among Providers and Health Plans.

Connected care helps providers and health plans coordinate more effectively while reducing redundant tests, treatments, and medications.

With connected care, providers have real-time, secure access to all relevant patient data which helps to reduce errors caused by incomplete or inaccurate records.

Additionally, connected care providers can save time by quickly exchanging information between each other as well as any other healthcare team members.

This quick and efficient sharing of data helps to improve patient outcomes and streamline costs associated with coordinating care.

Understanding Regulatory Compliance Requirements.

Participating in connected care requires regulatory compliance with HIPAA and other provisions such as health

information exchange (HIE) agreements, business associate agreements (BAA), and data privacy regulations.

It is important that all participants understand these requirements to ensure they are following the necessary

security protocols to protect patient information.

By following these standards, providers can be confident that their data is secure and remain compliant with all regulations.

Demo: Using EMRs to Retrieve and Exchange Patient Data Securely.

During our Athena Health Demo, you’ll get an in-depth look at how medical providers can use their Electronic

Medical Records (EMR) to easily access and securely exchange patient health information.

We’ll show you how patient data quickly and securely travels between providers and seamlessly integrates into

other digital records like X-Ray or Lab results.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar and see a live demo of this process in action.

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